White Label Mobile Banking App – FinCell

Set up your mobile banking app with ease

FinCell is a PSD2-based white-label mobile banking app that your customers will love. It is a simple, affordable and fast time-to-market solution designed for financial institutions such as banks or credit unions that don’t want to develop their own mobile banking app from scratch.

Going mobile can be simple

Launch your mobile banking app in 2 months

FinCell gives you a pre-defined set of features that will help you reach the market faster.

A customised solution based on your specific requirements

FinCell provides top-notch features, ranging from basic to customised. Add the special features you need and give your customers a great experience.

The FinCell app includes best practices for the end-user experience

Boost the organic growth of your business by creating an omnichannel experience for your customers. They will appreciate the enhanced convenience.

Ensure security & compliance

FinCell is designed to meet the current industry standards. It delivers security both for your customers and compliance for your financial institution.

Available on both Android and iOS

Your customers value flexibility, so they need to have a high-quality experience for both platforms – Android as well as iOS.

Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership

With FinCell, your TCO can be 2-3 times lower than in the case of developing and owning a proprietary app. It is subscription-based, and the fees are related to your customer base.

Go straight to the market

Developing your own mobile banking app can be a headache. The process is complicated and requires time, while the resources and the stakes are high: customers rarely give you a second chance, so there’s no room for mistakes. You can only enter the market with a high-quality product.  

That’s why we analysed the most common needs of various financial institutions and developed a white-label solution that you can purchase, adjust to your needs, and launch as your mobile banking app in just 2 months.​

You don’t need to build anything from scratch, as FinCell has all the basic functionalities required for a mobile banking app. To add more, simply select the features you need, and you will immediately see them running.

FinCell will be seamlessly integrated with your core system through open APIs. It is based on the Berlin Group Standard and NextGenPSD2 (Payment Service Directive). 

The FinCell app is cloud-deployed, making it more efficient to manage.

Make your customers happy

FinCell aims to give you the tools that make both financial services easier to access and improve your level of customer satisfaction. As your customers can interact with your brand on their mobile phones, this uncovers additional growth opportunities for your business.

The FinCell banking app allows your customers to: 

Make payments 

Check their accounts and statements 

Manage their cards

And many more functionalities, according to your specific needs

When requested, our team will develop customised features just for you. This will help your app to grow into a unique product that meets the specific needs of your customers and gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

Developed by finance and technology experts 

We talk finance... and we talk IT. FinCell was created by Baltic Amadeus – a technology company with over 30 years of experience in developing solutions for financial institutions. The company’s primary goal is to simplify the complex digital world. Furthermore, in the process of developing FinCell, we partnered closely with one of our clients, Lithuanian Credit Union (LKU) Group. LKU helped us to understand and resolve the main pain points faced by financial institutions and the end-users.

We are certified by ISO27001 and ISO9001, which means that safety and compliance were already integrated in every step of FinCell development. Experts who designed FinCell are certified in CISSP, CDPSE and CISA, bringing best industry practices to the solution that now is ready to be used by your institution.

Daily banking for private and business users

Request a demo

Request a demo, to see for yourself how simple it can be to grow with FinCell. Just fill in the form and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.


    Can I try the FinCell mobile banking app before purchasing?

    Yes, you can. Request a demo and you will be able to see how FinCell works before making a decision. We will be happy to guide you through the main functionalities and benefits, and to discuss how you could make the most of this solution.

    Is there FinCell branding in the app?

    No, there’s no FinCell branding. It is a white-label mobile banking app that is fully adjustable to your brand guidelines. 

    Is the FinCell mobile banking app suitable for both iOS and Android?

    Yes, FinCell works with both iOS and Android. 

    How do you keep my app and data secure?

    We are certified by ISO27001 and ISO9001, which means that safety and compliance have been integrated into FinCell during every step of its development. The experts who designed FinCell are certified in CISSP, CDPSE and CISA, bringing the best industry practices to a solution that now is ready to be used by your institution. FinCell is based on the Berlin Group Standard and NextGenPSD2 (Payment Service Directive). 

    How can I know if the FinCell mobile banking app is suitable for our needs?

    The best way to determine if FinCell suits your needs is to request a demo.  

    The FinCell mobile banking app will allow your customers to: 

    • Check their accounts and statements.
    • Make payments.
    • Manage their cards.
    • And many more functionalities, according to your specific needs. 

    It is a customisable app, so you will be able to add additional functions that meet your specific needs. If you want to learn more, contact us and we will be happy to discuss all aspects of the app with you.  

    I like the idea, so where do I start?

     Great! The best way to start with the FinCell mobile banking app is to try a demo version and discuss your needs with our specialists so that they can recommend the best way forward. Fill in the contact form and our team will contact you as soon as possible. 

    What kind of support will I receive throughout the development process? 

    When launching the FinCell mobile banking app for your brand, you will be guided through the whole process by our specialists. The process includes an API analysis and UI customization, as well as the deployment. Our experienced team will make sure the end-product meets your needs and is ready to be enjoyed by your customers. 

    How long will it take to build and launch my app? 

    It takes approximately 2 months to launch FinCell as your new-brand mobile banking app.