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What we do

Boost your business growth

  • Seamless integration. FinCell is based on open banking principles. Thus, we ensure effective integration with your core system through open APIs.
  • Security and compliance. FinCell’s information security and quality management are backed by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. This proves that all required safety and compliance measures are applied during the mobile banking app development.
  • Proven industry standards. FinCell is developed by experts certified in CISSP, CDPSE and CISA. It guarantees the best industry practices for your mobile banking application development.
What we do

Enjoy hassle-free process

  • Fast time-to-market. Complete your mobile banking app development in 2 months — FinCell offers pre-defined features, helping you to reach the market faster.    
  • 2-3x lower Total Cost of Ownership. Pay for what you actually use — FinCell works on a subscription-based pricing model, where fees are related to your customer base. 
  • Ultimate business growth. FinCell’s mobile banking app development ensures you have a product that helps you to increase revenue, grow your customer base, and reduce churn rate. 

Easier mobile banking app development

Rich functionality

Use already made out-of-the-box functionality to create the best app for banking that your customers enjoy.

Native apps

Enable your mobile banking application development on chosen operating systems – Android or iOS.

Proven technologies

Increase stability and scalability through a cloud-based app with solid architecture.

Multiple features to choose from

Add, adapt and order new features during or after your mobile banking app development. We are ready to make your app unique, driving the most value for you and your customers. 

  • Strong customer authentication (SCA)
  • One-time password (OTP)
  • Biometrics
  • Onboarding carrousel
Accounts & Payments
  • Account list / dashboard
  • Mandate switch
  • Different permissions / roles
  • Statements
  • Transactions
  • Different payment types
  • Repeat & reply to payments
  • Payment’s confirmation
  • Approve pending payments
  • Cards overview
  • Manage limits & setting
  • Mobile wallet
  • Freeze / terminate card
  • Manage PIN & CVV
  • Virtual cards
  • Card labelling
Bank products
  • Bank offers
  • Make & manage deposits
  • Submit applications for credit, leasing, factoring, overdraft
  • Credit, leasing, factoring, overdraft agreements overview
  • New card application
  • Push notifications & settings
  • Notification campaigns
  • Chat & messaging integrated with 3rd parties
We are FinCell

Apps for banking

Build your own mobile banking app – either easily develop one from scratch or fully update your current mobile banking application.
At FinCell, we are a dedicated team of innovators who combine expertise and love for mobile app development to bring our clients the top-level mobile banking experience. Thus, we are always ready to share our know-how, advise and guide you through developing the best mobile app for banking.

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Everything you need to know

Can I try it for free?

Sure. Fill in the contact form and see how FinCell works before making the decision. Our team is ready to guide you through the main functionality and opportunities, supporting your business needs with a top-tier mobile banking app development.

Is my mobile banking app fully customisable?

Yes. FinCell is a white-label mobile banking app. So you can fully adjust to your brand aesthetics and apply needed functionality during or after the mobile banking application development.

How does it ensure cost-effectiveness?

Our pricing model includes subscription and usage fees. It helps our clients to significantly save banking app development costs, more concretely – to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership at least 2 times.

Does my banking app operate on iOS and Android systems?

Yes. With FinCell, you can create a mobile banking app that perfectly runs on both – iOS and Android operating systems.

Is my banking app’s data safe?

Our information security and quality management are backed by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. It proves that all needed safety compliance measures are integrated during the mobile banking app development. Moreover, FinCell is based on the open banking principles, Berlin Group Standard and NextGenPSD2 (Payment Service Directive). Lastly, FinCell is designed by experts certified in CISSP, CDPSE and CISA – it ensures top-tier industry practices for developing your banking app.

I love the idea! How can I start?

Great! First, fill in the contact form so our team can come back to you. Then, we will discuss your needs and present you with a FinCell demo version. Lastly, we will recommend the most suitable option for your business.

What about the support during the mobile banking app development?

No worries. We have you covered during the whole mobile banking application development. Our team will guide you through API analysis, UI customisation, and deployment. It ensures the end product – a new mobile banking app – meets your needs.

How fast can I build and launch my banking app?

It usually takes up to 2 months to complete mobile banking app development and launch FinCell. However, the time might differ depending on whether you want to build a new banking app or enhance the current one.

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