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Feature-rich mobile banking app for the country’s credit union group 

In recent years, booming digitalisation indeed inspired a mobile-focused mindset, where users take care of their financial activities – day-to-day transactions, payments or other operations – in a matter of phone touches. 

Interestingly, customers just do not have another app when it comes to financial services. They want a personalised experience that empowers them to use banks’ or credit unions’ services with trust and ease. Global statistics show that roughly 9/10 customers want personalised financial tips from their financial service provider. Wherefore, finance and banking companies put effort into levelling up their mobile banking game.

It is our pleasure to share FinCell team got a chance to enable a hassle-free mobile banking journey for the Lithuanian credit union group – KREDA. So, without further ado, we invite you to read a case study about the newly introduced KREDA mobile banking app.

Growing customer expectations for mobile user experience

KREDA is the credit union group that provides reliable financial services and strategic support to individuals and businesses, enabling them to build long-term financial success. Started its activity in 2017, KREDA now unites 14 credit unions with nearly 40 000 members across the country. KREDA offers transactions, lending and investment opportunities across the EU.

High competition among financial institutions and always-changing customer needs are nothing new in the financial market. However, the previous years’ events, like several lockdowns, really spurred a shift into digitalising financial services, more concretely, moving to mobile customer experience. KREDA was no exception – after analysing their customers’ specific needs, they made a decision to launch a mobile banking app to support a more convenient user experience.

Implementing this strategic step, KREDA chose to partner with the FinCell team, who proposed a white-label mobile banking solution, offering a cost-effective and easily customisable mobile banking app for KREDA’s customers.


Adapting white-label app for the fast product launch

The white-label app adaptation involved developing a consistent and responsive user experience in line with the KREDA brand aesthetics. Due to this, the FinCell team enabled rich functionality that offers multiple authentication methods, payments, accounts and card features.

Moreover, we set a powerful foundation for effectively maintaining the mobile banking app – before and after launch. FinCell ensured seamless integration of the KREDA mobile banking app through open APIs based on the PSD2 directive and the Berlin Group standard. Also, the new mobile banking app is identical in terms of functionality for iOS and Android users.

Setting a base for solid security, FinCell’s CISSP, CDPSE and CISA-certified experts guaranteed that the new app’s security and compliance are fully backed by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards.

Newly launched mobile banking app – just a beginning

A feature-rich and secure KREDA mobile banking application allows a smooth mobile user experience when running different payments, transactions, and other day-to-day financial operations. Additionally, the cloud-based app’s infrastructure provides flexibility to easily add, adapt and change features.

The new mobile banking app offers easily accessible and manageable financial services, enabling KREDA to have an even closer connection with its union members.

This freshly launched mobile banking app is just a start for KREDA. Their near-future plans include continuing the development and expansion of app functionality – regarding customers’ feedback and ever-changing user experience demand.

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